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Friday, October 19, 2012

Scoops Ice Cream Shop



At our University there is a little shop just around the corner from the bookstore.  I don't hardly ever go here unless it is Fall/Winter time and I'm craving some Hot Chocolate.  I introduced Mike to Scoops this semester and got one for us both to try after he got out of class.  I put Hazelnut flavoring in mine and it was delicious! Mike of course had to try some.  We actually ended up going back so that he could put some in his as well. 

Another reason I love this little shop is the cup sizes are the perfect proportion sizes.  You feel full after you drink it, completely. The Hazelnut gives it the right about balance and also a little "pop" of flavor.

So I'm here waiting for Mike to get of his class so that we can head to go practice and what better way to do so than with blogging and some Hot Chocolate to top it off??  It makes waiting that much better!


Why is Giselle a keeper?  We're always together.  So that's why our blogging meshes so perfectly together, lol.  Makes drinking hot chocolate together much easier.  Second best reason? ... She bought me hot chocolate.  Giselle told me there was a surprise when I met her, and it was something small.  There I was pondering as I saw two cups in her hands.  Little did I know that they were filled with chocolaty goodness.

When I first tasted mine, it was of course really good.  I would rank Scoops as one of my favorites just off that.  BUT... when Giselle said something about hers being different and how she liked it, I had to take a sip of it.  Yeah, it was good.  Actually, it was really good.  Hazelnut Hot Chocolate as I will deem it's title.  I can't describe it except that it has that nice nutty taste to it with a bit of sweetness and still keeping your mouth wanting more.  If you ever get a chance, head over to UVU and try the hot chocolate.  I guarantee you'll enjoy it.

(Poor Giselle got a red hand once spilling her precious cup of goodness when she went there without me.  It's cause she went without me, jk. ;) Give her some love please)

By the way, if you have a chocolaty experience you'd like to share, leave a comment for us until we get a CONTACT US page all set up.  We're also thinking about guest bloggers.  If you live anywhere in the states and world and there is somewhere absolutely amazing, let us know.  We're excited to hear about your stories as well as the simmering hot stuff that goes with it!

P.S.  Be sure to find them on FACEBOOK and at their UVU Page.